Saturday, December 19, 2015

It's been a while...

Wow. My last post was in August 2014. Here we are a whole year and some later.
To update my readers (mostly my mom, who am I kidding) here is what has happened since:

  • September 2014: Child #2 was born
  • July 2015: Accepted into a PhD program (why not right? two kids under 4..)
  • August 2015: Moved my clinic hours back to Duke and now am a full time Duke employee (my opinions and advice are my own however :) 

The aim of the blog: I hope to cover mostly physical therapy related stuff like best exercises for pathologies, simple running related tips etc. I may throw in a few things like how to manage this work life balance act (spoiler alert: there is no such thing as a balance) and then other stuff that my postpartum running moms would geek over, i.e. stroller reviews, planner reviews... I am obsessed with planners.

I want this to be a 2 min read... because that's how long I have before some one yells "mom." I hope to provide my readers with a Skimm style version of what they are trying to read (succinct, humorous and something you tell your girlfriends about).

Ok I think this is a good step towards 2016. Maybe this will help my rid my social media addiction.

Thanks cyber world!!

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